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About Rainbow Creative

I am Michael Cutter, owner and creative director at Rainbow Creative. I have been doing professional, award winning design for 30 years. I provide full service design solutions specializing in logos, books, packaging, and brand development. I graduated with honors from the Colorado Institute of Art in 1990. 

When necessary I partner with various professionals to provide full service business solutions such as business planning, marketing strategy, etc. We offer professional services to help your business thrive without the associated high costs of agencies or design firms. I am proud to be a vendor for DVR, assisting those with disabilities or hardships get back on their feet to live sustainable and empowered lives. 

If we want to thrive we must look beyond the surface to find creative solutions. Through effective visual content creation, I am inspired to help your business thrive.  

I provide professional, personalized service to provide exactly what you need. Nothing more and nothing less. 

Identity & Branding

A logo is a graphic symbol used to identify and promote your company to the public. An effective logo design is simple and highly memorable.


Along with your branding strategy it creates the visual identity of your business and communicates a feeling that is memorable and relative to your business mission. Branding is is about creating a unique visual cohesion that results in instant recognition across various products and platforms. Typically, this means developing themes of colors, graphics, tagline etc. which extends to all print and digital formats such as signage, website, social media, retail packaging, etc..


Your branding strategy can be built from the ground up, or developed using your existing logo and market strategy. Brand recognition is crucial to maintaining customers in todays multi-faceted market of virtual and physical customer connection points. 

Natural Harmony in Design

Natural harmony aka sacred geometry may be more relative to the success of your business than you think. In fact, many of the most successful brands in the world were created using these same principles I use. The great masters of architecture, music and art have always attempted to mimic nature's inherent wisdom and beauty. Certain principles such as the golden ratio, and others, have been formulated by observing the building blocks of nature. By applying these principles of spatial relationships to the various elements within an image a natural harmony emerges. But it's not as though beautiful logos and layouts magically appear. In fact, logo design is considered to be the most difficult form of design. Some corporations have spent millions on their logo. It's the ultimate refinement of symbolic expression. 

These examples illustrate how the golden ratio was used in both architecture and design. Study the images to see if you can see how the same spiral divisions are used in the greek architecture as in the logo designs. These are good examples of the use of repetitive use of a set of circles that are all in harmonic relationship to each other. 


When designing my company logo, I wanted something highly original that reflects the essence of the name of the business and what I offer. It's highly memorable, creative, friendly, and professional. 

It works!

Studio Rates

My studio rates are $85 per hour, but when possible, I bill a flat rate for projects. This is more efficient for me because I don't spend time tracking time, and assures you that there will be no surprises when you see the invoice. Win win. 

Let me know what you're looking for and I'll give you a free quote!

Michael Cutter

Owner & Creative Director

I see creativity as the life force that flows through all things. Creativity is giving birth to a new idea and finding solutions to life challenges. I am a lover of wilderness and spent many years rock climbing, mountaineering and thru-hiking on the Continental Divide Trail. 

In addition to being a graphic designer, I am a healer, musician, drum maker and owner of Incense Alchemy.

To see more on my other work visit:

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